Torn Away


Jersey Cameron is from Missouri and has always loved storms. Having grown up in ‘Tornado Alley’, she has always known what precautions to take when a tornado comes. That is until a tornado completely destroys her town and she loses everything that is important to her. After the clean-up starts, Jersey is sent to live with family that she has never met. To try and deal with her grief, Jersey attempts to make herself invisible in her new home. When she’s finally had enough, she decides to run away, which lands her with another side of the family. Even after all of the loss, Jersey must learn that there are some things that even a tornado can’t destroy.

Jennifer Brown writes in a way that allows the reader to feel the emotions and live the story along with the characters, even without ever experiencing a tornado first hand. The reader is taken on a journey of powerful heartache and survival. The storyline of ‘Torn Away’ feels perfect. It keeps the reader guessing what will be coming next. There is never a dull moment. It’s touching to watch Jersey grow and deal with circumstances that surround her.  She overcomes obstacles that many adults aren’t able to. It’s very inspiring reading about a scared and hopeless teenager that turns into a strong and peaceful young woman.