Skin Deep Review

Warning: Mature reader recommendation- this book contains violence & torture
Abandoned by her mother and raised by her aloof Alpha father, panther shifter Kailin Odel has finally found a way to feel like she makes a difference. Discovering her unique power to track Wraith’s, Kailin moonlights as a Hunter – ridding the streets of Chicago of these soul-sucking demons. Her human friends have no idea the supernatural worlds exists alongside theirs. No idea shifter and demons walk in the shadows. And Kai prefers to keep it that way.
Until she discovers the body of a murdered shifter, and is quickly embroiled in a world of supernatural drug-dealing and renegade shifters who leave a trail of blood and mayhem wherever they go.
When Logan Westin, paranormal investigator and super-hot human, begins investigating the murder Kai refuses to allow her feelings to control her. Humans are off-limits, no matter how sizzlingly sexy they are. But can Kai keep him at bay? And does she even want to?
In her quest to find the killer Kai inadvertently puts her friends’ life in danger and brings her to the attention of the sadistic shifter killer.  Her comfortable life is gone, her friend murdered, and shifters are disappearing around her. To survive and to save her friends, Kai must allow herself to trust Logan, to give her scarred heart to someone again.

A New Adult Paranormal series with a strong female lead, a world filled with magic and creatures straight out of folk tales, legends and mythology – shapeshifters, demons, wraiths, magic and a good amount of mystery and suspense.


ReviewI always have a hard time getting into paranormal/fantasy books at first, but this book pulled me in and kept me on my toes. I was in no way disappointed with any of it!  The depths of this book are amazing. I love all of the inner turmoil with each character. It shows how no matter who or what the person is they are all fighting their own battles. Kai is such a strong girl after what she went through, growing up without a mother. She faces so many conflicts throughout the book and handles them well. She is stubborn but also knows when she does need help. She is a very strong character. Logan is also faced with many of his own conflicts. His past being the biggest one. He overcomes it with all that he does and proves to be the knight in shining armor we were hoping for. Greer had to be my least favorite person in the book. Yet, I can understand in some ways why she is this way. She has dealt with so many heartbreaking moments in her life that it ended up breaking her in the end. I can only hope she soon comes to her senses and makes right of all her wrongs! This book is an amazing read. It is well written and I am so excited to read the second one. I would very highly recommend this book to anyone who likes this genre and even those that are on the fence! So much more to this book than what meets the eye.

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